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Winning the School Year: Insights from Dr. Niedringhaus

As the new academic year approaches, administrators often navigate a sea of complexities. These challenges,...
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The Critical Attributes for Successful Professional Development in Action: Charles City Middle School Case Study

By Carrie Hepburn, Ed.D Extensive research shows that professional learning is crucial for educators, but...
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Mastering the Art of Professional Learning: Unlocking the Five
Critical Attributes for Success

By Carrie Hepburn, Ed.D. Research regarding professional learning is vast, yet school districts and learning...
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Our Recent Work

Welcome to January 2022. This time of year is full of hope—the excitement of new...
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Our Partnership with Midamerica Nazarene University

2/09/2022 - We are excited to announce that Compass PD has partnered with MidAmerica Nazarene...
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Professional Development in Education

Professional development for educators is an often overlooked component of education. Still, it plays a...